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Contracts awarded today

163366-2018: Lussemburgo-Lussemburgo: BEI - Assistenza esterna per la fornitura di uno sportello interno per missioni di spostamenti a favore della direzione operativa (OPS)
163362-2018: Malta-Valletta: Prestazione di servizi di pulizia (compresi i prodotti di consumo) per i locali, i punti di crisi, i centri e gli uffici dell'EASO in Grecia (Lotto 1 Grecia...
163361-2018: Paesi Bassi-L'Aia: Servizi di accesso a Internet
163360-2018: Irlanda-Dublin: Prestazione di servizi di stesura di relazioni programmati e su richiesta — rete di corrispondenti Eurofound — Slovenia
163359-2018: Francia-Parigi: Consulenza TIC


All the EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS (Council, Parliament, Commission, ECB, Court of Auditors, European Court of Human Rights etc.)


Works, Supplies and Services


Any industry, business, professional


SMEs, large companies, legal entities of any type, regardless of the legal form, which are incorporated in EU


Preparation and send paper format of the general administrative documentation, technical and economic bid offer.


  1. Monitoring tenders cut on the specific characteristics and requirements of individual companies;
  2. Enter the relevant information to the tender selected based on the monitoring criteria;
  3. Study and preparation of the general administrative documentation in English;
  4. Support the preparation and translation of the technical offer and economical;
  5. Assistance to the conclusion of the contract in case of award of tender.

Information Reporting Service procurements of the European Institutions

We offer our customers a personalized monitoring of tenders issued by the European institutions: on the basis of keywords chosen by you to describe in a timely and accurate your business, we monitor daily all the calls for tender and we will inform only the right ones for you saving you valuable time and resources.

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